Limited Number Of Members

We limit the number of members per sea/airport in each country to a considerable size extent which allows multiple choices within the same country while maintaining non-inclusiveness as well, except for the USA, China, and India.

Financial Protection Program

Dealing with confidence is the main factor in increasing the efficiency in any kind of collaboration, and nothing can guarantee this unless you feel financially secured at all times. So all members of WSA are covered by our WSA FPP (Financial Protection Program) annual fee. WSA FPP allows members to comfortably work with each other even if they have not worked with each other before...

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E-Marketing Solutions

If your business is looking for the most effective way to find the best freight forwarders in the globe in addition to globally marketing solutions?! WSA will definitely be at the top of your solutions list . Whereas the E-Marketing businesses ...

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WSA Conference

WSA conducts its conference to give the opportunity to exchange thoughts and explore new business chances. Along with amazing spending time that enhances the bonds and partnerships amongst all members. WSA's very experienced event team always working hard to ensure a comfortable and professional business experience while at the same time creating mutually meaningful personal relationships with saving considerable time and money...

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Find The Best Always

With its highly selection process and very strictly rules for members, WSA ensures that there are strong agents around the world working collaboratively to get the highest results.

Members Satisfaction

WSA to ensure that our members are getting the best networking services and to cover all their needs in the freight forwarding world.

Neutral Network

World Shipping Alliance works with any business size, giving smaller companies the same edge as their much larger competitors. This means that you can have equally advanced tools for managing your relations and operations to operate efficiently and provide customers with top-notch service.

WSA Brand

Facing giant multinational freight forwarders in the market needs collaboration customers with global tenders can rely on WSA members who can act as one team to handle their business globally ? WSA allows you to promote your firm with the WSA logo, It also provides you with all the advertising and marketing materials that help you to support your business .

Priority Pass

In the Freight Forwarding dynamic business world traveling is not a choice, either to attend exhibitions, meet agents or visit clients. You can’t avoid travel, but we can help you to avoid its hassle. WSA has been contracted with one of the largest airport lounge programs, Priority Pass. So escape into a place that's perfect for business and vacation. Quiet lounges, connected spaces to relax or work in, with complimentary pre-flight bites and drinks that help you refresh and revive. for more details


WSA is pleased to announce a new partnership with WiseTech Global, the technology company behind the world’s leading global logistics software, CargoWise. CargoWise has fast become the industry standard solution for forwarders and logistics professionals, so this is great news for members and the network as a whole. In fact, many WSA members are already using CargoWise for their operations and we believe all members will experience vast improvements from the system.

Global Trade Data

WSA becomes the First network ever to offer Global Trade Data to its members. As a founder member, you will receive one year of free Global Trade Data. So, do you want to keep your sales team busy? grow revenue by understanding and expanding your market share in the trade lanes, customer segments, and product categories that are important to you? See how WSA helps you grasp these opportunities and use them to their maximum potential.

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Containers Xchange

Increase your operational flexibility with SOC containers and find certified partners for one-way moves. With xChange, you send out requests to 600+ partners within seconds and know that you’ll get paid on time.

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