About Us


World Shipping Alliance is an independent worldwide network for all freight forwarders. We have very good experience in the field of freight services, OTI / NVOCCs and logistics specialists with success. Besides our intimate and various multi-relations with the freight forwarders around the globe. WSA will immediately connect you to a large network of reliable presence members/agents.


WSA is operated by Rom & Jay USA, a company registered in New York, USA, with a branch in Hong Kong, with no ties to any other company, group, or institution. Our professional staff with their vast experience are working hard to engage our members/agents worldwide to provide a top notch services. Therefore, we are always near you.


As a partner in WSA We will help you and contribute with a trusted and distinctive communication of all members in the network to build a strong base and gaining mutual benefits that will be reflected in increasing your companys efficiency rates Being part of WSA widens and strengthen your horizons, it gives you the opportunity to make new multi-partners while expanding your business opportunities endlessly and enhance your independent international freight forwarding business.


WSA has an energetic, forward-thinking corporate culture based on our strong commitment to our core values: Conduct all affairs with integrity.


Create long-term value by the economic means for customers, the company, and society. Envision what could be, challenge that status quo and drive creative destruction through experimental discovery.

So World Shipping Alliance management provides the best way to effectively manage freight to maximize operational efficiency. In addition to the service of the allied freight forwarders in the network will give the opportunity to work in secure environment to reduce costs and risks which will be reflecting into making new relationships while expanding your boundless business possibilities.